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I have a scout that shows up twice in our roster. Previously the scout had a phantom/duplicate account, but we contacted the Great Alaska Council and Brenda helped us merge those into a single account. Previously, those two accounts were distinct: each having a different rank (one was devoid of information) and a different patrol–now they both show up as scouts that are currently in both the active “Hydra” patrol, as well as the “inactive” patrol.

We had duplicates of this scout for years, and I recently took over as advancement chair. His father approached me with a number of issues to resolve and I thought this might be related, so figured we’d address this first. The scouts information is below:

SB User ID:

BSA Member ID:

Previous BSA Member ID:

Again, these match for both versions of the same scout now. He hasn’t earned any advancement since this, so I’m unsure if they’ll both advance if I advance one–though I suspect they will. How do I remove this duplicate account?

Also, the parent mentioned two other issues:

  1. Whenever we make an announcement on Scoutbook, he gets six notices. He has two kids in the troop, so it’s defendable that he’d get two notices–or maybe even three (due to the duplicate scout), but it’s unclear why he’d receive double that.

  2. The scout can’t log into his account in scoutbook. He doesn’t know what the credentials are to access his account. Can that be looked up/reset for him?

@RobertBarnett1 I am checking

@RobertBarnett1 In Scoutbook, go to the [Scout]'s Memberships page. Click on his current membership with the “Inactive Patrol” and add an end date. You can add the same date as the start date, if you would like.

It looks like one of the parents has more than one Scoutbook account. I am working on fixing that now.

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@RobertBarnett1 I have merged the parent’s Scoutbook accounts.

The Scout has an e-mail in Scoutbook, but no credentials. The parents can work with the Scout on creating an account at my.scouting. When creating an account, they should connect to his BSA member ID number: 136625945.

Duplicate account addressed. I’ll work with the parent to confirm he’s no longer getting double emails and to set the scout up with an account. Thanks so much!!!

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