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Duplicate Parent Account?

I have a new parent who somehow had duplicate accounts created under the same email address (but slightly different names). The two conflicting BSA Member IDs are 13898017 and 137322952. 137322952 is the ID shown under the my.scouting roster and Scoutbook, not sure how the other one got created (may the parent created it herself)? The parent can access Scoutbook (probably under 13898017 using Google credentials) but cannot see her scouts. Under my unit admin access I see her as connected to her scouts with the unlinked chain icon. She was unable to use the invitation link sent via Scoutbook to gain access. What is the recommended way to resolve this?

@JamesMayled this is fixed and Google log in should still work

Donovan, I have the exact same issue, can you assist? I have a leader who did his training under 13695225 but appears in our Pack under 13755584 can we get that consolidated to one account? using his AOL address?

@PatrickMaguire ok they need to log in using their my.scouting.org user name and password - NOT their email address

OK thanks i think they were doing that, were both consolidated?

I have a duplicate account as well. Member id: 13669149. I do not believe I have access to see the other member ID.

Are you able to consolidate for me?

@johngerberich this is fixed for you - if you are unit treasurer you need to register with Council

Thank you. Can you share how I register with Council?

On my.scouting take Youth Protection Training. Once it is done, you will get an email confirmation with a pdf certificate. Most councils allow online registration (some do not). To register online go to beascout.org, find the unit, and hit apply now if it is there. If not, or if you don’t want to / can’t do it online, fill out a paper application or a pdf (including criminal background check authorization). Turn app, CBC, and YPT proof into your Committee Chair or Chartered Organization Rep. They will process it. If doing paper/pdf include the “fixed” BSA id.

Thank you Donovan and Matt

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Thank You Donovan

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