Duplicate Account for Parent in Troop

Parent has 2 IDs: 134941133 and 134103793. She hasn’t logged in yet, but it would be good to clean this up.

@Matt.Johnson well the hard thing is we do not know which she uses to log in? So by cleaning it we could lock her out - and your second number is bad

She has never logged in. The second number is in IA when I open her second entry in Scoutbook. So, maybe get rid of that one?

@Matt.Johnson well I see no login account for either but she has opted out of emails so I am going to honor that

No problem at all. It is just that her son has 2 of her connected. One with a nickname and the other without. I almost thought it was the Scout’s two parents.

I doubt she has actually opted out. One of the measures to improve the black listing situation was to automatically opt out anyone not in or connected to a scout in a unit.

@Matt.Johnson She has the parent / child relationship (at my.scouting) under both BSA numbers.

I would recommend contacting your council and ask them to use their Registrar Tools to look up her child (or children). In the “Relationships” section, they should make sure she is listed as parent only under 134941133. They should remove her under the other number.

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