Duplicate Account or Email in use already

Hello! Once again our district person duplicated an account I believe or the email can’t be reused- says it’s in use. #112502255 is added as our Committee Chairman. He’s also a parent. Can someone help me merge them or get his email into the Committee chairman one? It says email is already used.

Also how can I ask them to stop doing this nicely and with details. It’s happening almost every time. It’s also very difficult to open a ticket I have to play with the forum forever to get a new topic to start. I’ve spent almost 30 minutes getting this ticket open. I’ve used safari, Google and a computer. It’s so frustrating. Thank you!! (Pack 149, NE Georgia Council)

This is fixed.

The adult has 2 BSA Member IDs. 112502255 is the registered number and was created in 2004 when he was a youth member. The Council should merge 13755297 into it since this is not a registered number.

The number 13755297 appears to have been created when the unit created an account for the adult then he created a my.scouting.org ID, connecting to it.

The adult needs to check his physical address in both Scoutbook and my.scouting.org and correct as necessary.

He should log in to Scoutbook using his e-mail address and my.scouting.org password.

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