Please check Duplicate Email account

We have a new family having difficulty accessing events, RSVP, calender etc. It says there is another user with the same email account.

Scout info
SB USER ID 12777987
BSA MEM ID 14636655

on another screen it shows

SB USER ID 12764503
BSA MEM ID 14636638

Please see if there are 2 accounts that need to be merged.

Thank you

Jennifer Reiter
Troop 413 Committee
Key 3 Delegate

@JenniferReiter The parent’s e-mail address has also been applied to the Scout’s Scoutbook account. I have removed it.

Everything else looks OK. I looks like the parent has logged in at both my.scouting and Scoutbook.

On the calendar, I would check that she has the troop and patrol selected / turned on.

From your end, are the Scout and the parent both on the list of invitees for each calendar event?

Yes, I can see them both on the calendar events.

I’ll have her check on her end if she can get in and get back with you.

Thank you!


I apparently have multiple accounts using the same email. What info do you need from me to get that changed?


@AshHennessey Are you no longer active with Central NC Council?

I am not active in that council

@AshHennessey This should be fixed.

Please log in with your my.scouting user name – not your e-mail address.

Looks great! Thank you!

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Hello, I am getting a warning in Scoutbook that “another user is using the same email”. I’m pretty sure it’s me, twice. Could you combine the accounts? I believe this is preventing me from having my boys linked to me on page as well.

Thank you!

I see with my post that my name is spelled incorrectly, so that also could be causing the troubles.

Stacy Tompkins, no h.

Let me know if you need any other information. Thank you!

@StacyTompkins This should be fixed.

Could you fix the spelling of my name? Stacy Tompkins please, not Stacy Thompkins. Is there any chance that’s why is not showing my boys?

I have quite a few questions, do you want me to post all at one time or separate requests? Thanks.

@StacyTompkins I have corrected the spelling of your name here in the forums.

The reason my.scouting is not showing your children is because your user relationships (parent / child) are not set up at my.scouting. Your local council can set them using their Registrar tools. We (SUAC) do not have this ability.

If you have multiple questions, it might be easier if you just ask them all in a single post.

I have an alert that says my email is being used with another account.

@JessieOcon that is fixed


Thank you! You are so helpful, as I don’t understand all these parts of the scouts. I’ve emailed someone hopefully at the local council, to help, so I’ll wait to hear back. I don’t know what Scoutbook and my.scouting are supposed to look like, so it’s hard to know if things are set up correctly until I try to do something. While putting this email together, I’m seeing some of my questions have been answered, but I do have a few more below. I also don’t love giving all these numbers and our names out to the public, so I’m hoping this email works.

My boys and my husband and I recently switched troops from troop 0024 to 1030, and that’s when I started having troubles, as things weren’t set up correctly in our original troop.

  • So first of all, the four of us should be part of troop 1030. Until today, I was still able to see troop 24, so someone must have changed that. All of our names and numbers are below if needed.

  • This duplicate email warning is showing up again?

  • The picture below is what I see after logging into Scoutbook and selecting one of my boys (related to the old troop 24). I have to make sure I reselect them at the top with troop 1030 to make sure we have the correct troop selected. Is that normal? Is there a way when selecting them, it gives the information with troop 1030?

(picture removed by Moderator)

  • Also, should the troop 24 scout leaders still be on S.'s and L.'s Scoutbook connections? There are three of them. What’s the protocol after switching troops? I just found a section where I can change their connections. How should past leaders be connected to them now?
    Thank you!



@StacyTompkins I have removed the names, as they are not needed.

At my.Scouting, if the council has set up your parent / child user relationships, then you should also see your children on the “My Application” page. My guess is that your husband already has the parent / child relationships, because his name was likely on their BSA youth applications.

For you, I see a pending registration as an ASM in Troop 1030. There is an overnight process that needs to run, but you should be on the new troop’s roster within the next 24-48 hours. Same thing for your husband.

S. has an open leadership position as Senior Patrol Leader with the old troop. I would recommend putting an end date on it. I do not think that you or the new troop can approve that position – it would need to be approved by a leader in the old troop.

L. has an open leadership position as Outdoor Ethics Guide with the old troop. Same recommendations as with S.

With your Scouts, you can go to their [Scout]'s Connections page in Scoutbook and click on the “Clean Old Connections” button to remove the connections to the leaders in the former troop.

Your e-mail address was on L’s Scoutbook account. I have removed it. There is a good chance it will come back, any time that S. or L.'s records are updated.

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