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I recently did a multiple transfer to my son’s troop that belongs to a different council. Right now I am CM for a pack in Greater Yosemite Council and Committee member for troop in Golden Gate Council. When I did the multiple transfer online, the system generated a new member ID for the other council, which now is causing multiple issues.

  1. I have now as primary member ID the Golden Gate one on my.scouting. This one allows me to access pack and troop on Scoutbook, but is not allowing me to access Pack settings on my.scouting and Internet Advancement on Scoutbook.

  2. To be able to have access to pack settings on my.scouting and Internet Advancement I need to change the GYC id number as primary, but when I do this I don’t have access to my pack on Scoutbook. I don’t see any scouts from the pack on Scoutbook at all.

So it’s a back and forth with my IDs depending on what I need to work with. How this can be fixed? Any help/guidance would be very appreciated.

This is my member ID for GYC:135450663, this should be primary
And my member ID for Golden Gate: 14189808

Thank you!

What BSA ID appears in your Scoutbook profile (Scoutbook → My Dashboard → Administration → My Account → Edit Profile)? I think that one has to match your primary at my.scouting (but one of the SUAC folks can confirm that).

I think you can see the troop from your Scoutbook account because you are connected to your Scouts BSA son as a parent (not because of your committee role in that troop).

When you are in IA2 (https://advancements.scouting.org), can you toggle the symbol in the upper right corner to the Cub Scouts diamond logo, or do you only show a Scouts BSA fleur de lis? Changing that role should (I think) allow you access to make entries in IA2 since you’re registered as CM, I think even if that’s not the primary ID in your my.scouting profile.

The folks from SUAC may have better insight, but I think that all of this fiddling back-and-forth is a result of how the various systems handle access as defined by the BSA/member ID, and the fact that each council is assigned non-overlapping buckets of BSA/member IDs (for historical reasons). I’ve heard in the past that you need separate Scoutbook accounts to make the multiple-council thing work as a scouter, but I may have misunderstood.

Oh that’s another detail I forgot to add…so the ID that appears in my profile on SB is the one from Golden Gate, which has me in the pack roster with the yellow ! triangle because is not the ID that matches the my.scouting roster. lol

When I am in IA2 using Golden Gate ID as primary I have access only to my 2 kids, the one in the Pack and the one in the troop, no one else. I don’t see any toggle. If I want to see everyone from pack in IA2 I need to change the GYC council ID as primary, but then if I go back to SB, I don’t see anyone.

It sounds kinda like making your ID in Scoutbook match the one from GYC, and setting that as primary in my.scouting would be the right solution to get you up and running with the pack. I don’t think that’s something you can do without help from SUAC folks.

How to get the troop situation running may be a bit more complicated. Generally, committee members can do much in IA2 or my.scouting with unit settings, unless they have a functional role assigned (e.g. Key 3 or COR Delegate) by one of the Key 3. Do you have a functional role in the troop that would give you access to things in IA2/my.scouting? If not, that end of things might be the one to let go of, but the SUAC folks may have a solution that gets you all of what you’re looking for.


I sent you an email on this

Ron Fedele

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