Help with multiple accounts

It appears that I have 2 accounts listed for scoutbook. I get a warning saying there is another user with the same email and on my son’s profile it shows me twice.

It looks like I log in with the ID of: XXXXXXXXXX
Not sure what the other id I have is.

Any help is much appreciated.

@KevinMcWilliams What is your current council?

I’m part of the Capitol Area Council #564.

I’m trying to transfer to Golden Gate Area #023


@KevinMcWilliams When you log in at my.Scouting, make sure your primary BSA member ID number is set to the one in Golden Gate Area #023. You can see your BSA member numbers at my.Scouting by clicking on “Manage Member ID”.

You are going to have 2 Scoutbook accounts, at least temporarily.

Thanks for the help. It looks like it is set as my primary ID now.

I thought I was paid up for my BSA registration, but when I attempt to apply with the new Troop it looks like it wants to charge me. Not sure if this is related or not.

Will the second scout book account eventually go away? I take it I won’t need to do anything further with that?

@KevinMcWilliams Have you already completed the online application?

Edited to add: You are paid through 12/31/2024 under BSA member ID ending in -043, so you should not have to pay the BSA National membership fee twice.

OK, I haven’t completed the online application yet. I was hoping that clearing up the multiple ID would save me from having to pay again.

Should I set my Primary Id to the one that is paid AND then do the application?

@KevinMcWilliams Give that a try and see if it tries to charge you the National fee (there might be a council fee in the new council).

OK, that looks to have worked. Yay!

Although it didn’t ask me for any council fees, which I would have expected I’d need to pay.
Should I reach out to the council?

@KevinMcWilliams Probably a good idea to ask.

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