Duplicate accounts - JH

When I log in to Scoutbook it says I have duplicate accounts using the same email. My member ID is (removed by Moderator) and email is (removed by Moderator)

@JulianaHardy I am checking.

@JulianaHardy This should be fixed.

You might need to log all the way out, then log back in again.

Thanks! I will check.

I am also having a similar issue. It says I have another account associated with the email. I am unable to receive messages from Scoutbook, though in my profile, it shows that we should be receiving.

Many thanks for checking!

Well I think you and husband are using your email - and in Scoutbook you have opted out of receiving email under you account - you can change that in Scoutbook > My Profile > Email > change the toggle

I am having the same issue where it is showing 2 accounts. We moved, joined a new council, and I would like to have profiles merged.


I will look into this for you.


What is your current council?

National Capitol Area Council


This is all fixed. I have merged SB accounts for you, your Scout and the Scout’s mother. The reason there were multiple accounts is some registrations had a middle name while others did not. Note I could not find an NCAC BSA Member ID for the Scout’s mother.

I have put all of the other Council MIDs as secondary on the my.scouting.org IDs for you and the Scout’s mother.

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