Duplicate accounts - One must go away please

A scout (or his parent) in another council created a 2nd scoutbook account for me. Now I am having issues accessing either one and several scouts have reported being unable to link to me for a merit badge councilor. Just did a large event and have about 40 scouts unable to connect to me.
BSA# - 6370945
SB#1 - 8040699
SB#2 - 13048363

@SummerPearson You have multiple usernames at my.scouting.

Do you want to keep the one that looks like the part of your e-mail address in front of the “@”?

Yes, I would like to keep the username (removed by Moderator). Thank you.

@SummerPearson I have retired the other usernames.

I need help with similar situation.
My son accidentally created an account with a different DOB due to which it’s a different account altogether.

His correct account is with BSA Member ID: 13412796. SB USer ID- 10282344

The wrong account is with BSA Member ID-140166928, SB User ID-13057156

Could you please help us by deleting his wrong account and help link his correct account with mine

Thank you so much for your help

@JenniferOlinger could you please help me with the request above. Thank you so much!

@ManishaYadav This should be fixed.

I apparently have more than one account on SB and it does not show the training I have completed that I need to recharter.

@StefanPeniston I am looking in to this for you.

@StefanPeniston I sent you a private message.

Please click on your “S” avatar at the top right here in the forums.

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