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Duplicate accounts/records

Is there a phone number to call for scoutbook help? I recently merged duplicate accounts and now do not see any connections, including to my sons.

The BSA does not provide end user support for Scoutbook or any other tool. Primary support is via your Council office or these forums.

I have a similar problem. My problem however does not involve the same council. I have a troop at an Army post. My adults move all over the country and the world. Everytime they join a new council, they get a new BSA ID number. Then we have to try to get their records from their previous council to try to merge it. The current council is unable to see the previous council’s records. How can we fix this problem? Ive had this same issue for over a decade. Thanks. Bob Sellers, Scoutmaster, Troop 248. Fort Bliss, TX


The best way to do this is to move the Scout to your unit in Scoutbook using the Transfer Scout In function on your roster page before your council processes the transfer application. Once the Scout is placed on your unit roster, Member Update will find the Scout in your unit and update his/her BSA Member ID. The advancement data for this Scout will then be pushed to his new BSA Member ID in ScoutNET so the new council can see it.


My council has updated the records for the counselor with ID’s 136043986 and 13718278, and the other with 132293354 and 126375144, but when I coach them to use Manage Member ID to add the second ID’s so that their Scoutbook accounts will merge, they get the error message “The provided Member ID does not match the existing user profile”. It appears more edits are needed in the Scoutnet records, but I have no idea what. Are you able to see what discrepancy is preventing these from going ahead?

Also, can you please confirm whether these updates in Scoutnet using Manage Member ID, when eventually successful, will need an overnight wait before being reflected in Scoutbook?

Thanks as always for your attention and support,



Your council retired MIDs 13718278 and 126375144. This is why they can’t be added with Manage Member ID.

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