Multiple duplicate parents

I have a number of Scout records that have multiple parent records associated with them, often because the parent didn’t realize they already had a user id or BSA id from cubscouting. I think I have about 5 or so incorrect records in our troop.

I’ve seen posts in this forum with specific BSA ID’s and then it seems an Advisory Council member fixes these issues. I would like to record fix them myself if at all possible. Can you share the procedure to “unlink” a duplicate parent record from a scout? (if this is a backend process only, I can provide all the incorrect records to fix)

“Give a scout a fish, he’ll fix scoutbook for a day. Teach a scout to fish, he can fix scoutbook without bothering the admins!”

Ivo Janssen, troop admin & webmaster for Troop 162 Austin TX.

It’s not something that unit-level scouters can do. It’s generally cleanest if the folks from SUAC can help get it done. Although someone who is incorrectly connected as a parent can remove their own connection, that wouldn’t resolve the multiple accounts issue.

@IvoJanssen the system is not and probably will not be setup for that. You can post BSA #s and we can take a look or you can talk to council to fix

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