Duplicate accounts T48 (777)

This is for troop 48, Washington Crossing Council (777).
In scoutbook under a scout, I see BSA registration ID 133309935, however when registering him for sea base with that he doesn’t have an active online account. I asked his dad to set it up for him, but he went in and found that the BSA registration on the account they are using is 13756230. I show that the father has account 13104500, so it’s not the father’s account. I did check what would happen if I add the number that he gave me into Sea Base registration and it actually comes up saying that it’s for the the scout, but with father’s email address, so I’m not sure why it appears that the scout has two accounts and they’re using the one that’s not what we have registered to the troop. To make matters worse, I see on the scout’s profile that father has two profiles linked to him, one active and one that doesn’t seem to have been used, the 13104500 previously mentioned and 133309936.

So really, I think father and son both have duplicate account issues!

@RyanPankoe This is fixed. The BSA member ID numbers they should be using are:

Scout: 133309935
Parent: 133309936

Please ask both of them to log in to their accounts at my.Scouting and double-check their dates of birth there. If they are wrong, your local council will need to fix.

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