Duplicate Acount Merger

I have a parent who has two accounts that need merger.

Name: (Name removed)

Member ID: 14913316
Member ID: 13559373

The 1355 # is the account he is able to access.

Is there any other info that is needed to merge them?


He had 2 BSA Member IDs because one has a blank middle name.

The addresses between Akela and Scoutbook are different and need to be reconciled. He needs to log in to Scoutbook with his my.scouting.org ID that is the portion of his e-mail address before the @. Go to My Account → Edit Profile and validate his address.

If his address is correct, he should change it to an incorrect address, save it then change it back. If it is incorrect, just enter the correct address. By updating his address in his profile, it will be pushed to the other databases.

I will have his my.scouting.org ID that is his e-mail address retired. This will not happen until tomorrow.

Note the 2nd BSA Member ID you provided was incorrect, but I was able to find the correct one.

Ok, the parent logged in. Address was correct, so he followed the steps provided. However, when I try to connect him to his scout as a parent, and search all of the various data (name, emal, ID, city, state) the querry comes back with no results.

What am I doing wrong that I can’t find him?


Parent search is broken. There are 3 possible workarounds.

  1. Have the Registrar add the Parent/Scout relationship via their tools in my.scouting.org. About 24 hours later the parent will be connected in Scoutbook.
  2. The parent can go to My Account → My Connections and use the Connect ot Scout as Parent/Guardian link. The parent will need the Scout’s BSA Member ID.
  3. If the parent is already connected to Scouts in the unit as a parent of another Scout or as a leader, you can use Connection Manager on the unit page to connect the Scout to the parent as an adult leader then go to the Scout’s connection page and set the Parent/Guardian box.
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