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Nightly synch is adding an illegitimate adult leader to troop

This has happened twice. One in December, and now once at the end of January.

An adult leader unaffiliated with the troop is being added as a duplicate Chartered Org Rep and Troop Admin, and therefore given full control access to all of our scouts.

Both times it was the same person.

Details that might be relevant:
She is registered as a leader for the Pack affiliated with our same chartered org.
She has a hyphen in her name.
She does not appear in the troop roster in any way on my.scouting.org.
She is configured as a Key 3 Delegate in the Pack on my.scouting.org, but with an expiration date in the past.

Workaround: Set end dates on her unit roles, unapprove her, and delete all connections with all scouts in the troop.

I consider this a severe privacy issue, and a potential source of data corruption. This forces me to check daily if illegitimate adult leaders have been added overnight so that I can remove them before private information is exposed further.

Note: AdultUserID=2389675

She is your COR in AKELA the Registration Database for new charter

Screen Shot 2021-02-03 at 3.33.35 PM

Then why did this happen in December too?

I will work with our Committee Chair and Council to get the new charter corrected. We certainly did not submit the new charter that way!

that is when you submitted the Recharter - maybe it was processed today ? Who knows

AdultUserID=55453 is our actual COR. Can you see if she is listed as such in AKELA?

A Charter Organization can only have a single Charter Org Rep. If the Pack and Troop are chartered by the same organization, you will share the Charter Org Rep.

She was last year but not going forward it appears

For 2021, she only has a pending registration as a Merit Badge Counselor.

I know that; however, our actual COR still shows up as such in Scoutbook and my.scouting.org.

Does my.scouting.org not hit the AKELA database?

it is waiting for your council to process recharter

I know that a lot of packs/troops that share a chartering org have, in the past, thought that a COR was a unit-level position, rather than a chartering org-level position, and each unit submitted a different name/app. Some chartering orgs have even done this intentionally, thinking that they can have a different person responsible for coordination with the pack than with the troop. That’s not really the way the BSA structures it, though, so I all that ended up happening, in the cases of which I am aware, is that the last person whose paperwork was processed ended up COR.


Got it. But, this shows that there is still a bug here. Nightly synch should not be happening against an unprocessed charter.

The sync is a person by person operation. If anything changes in a record in ScoutNET, the entire record for the individual is pushed to Scoutbook.

COR here of multiple units. Started as COR of the boy troop. Then later when the pack was loosing there former Chartering Organization we agreed to accept them so I becam COR of 2 units. Then when our Chartering Organization wanted to do a girl troop I became COR of 3 units: 2 Troops(boy & girl) & 1 Pack (family). Also District Advancement Chair.

That’s a whole lot to cram into one hour per week :grin:


It’s one hour per week per registered Scout in your org. They always leave that last bit out.

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…per position…per organization… :rofl:

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Try being National LOL

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… Per Scout… :rofl: :joy: :sweat_smile: