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Duplicate Cubs

I am still new to this and added two Cubs before they were officially registered. Now I have duplicates of their accounts on Scoutbook. I asked how to remove them to the email support. I got the following - BSA Member Care Incident number is SSD-86668. Any way of removing their duplicates? One of the two is causing other issues. I click “all” for belt loop accepted and it says this Cub is not synced with advancement.


Good luck! I’ve been told that the fix for this is 2 steps:

  • Call your council with the name(s) and BSA ID numbers for both accounts. Know which one you want to keep active (probably the one with all the advancement information in it). You’ll need to speak to the registrar or some similar person with the authority to merge accounts.

  • After the accounts are merged, call or email Scoutbook and ask them to delete the account you don’t want to keep. Again, you’ll need to provide both the name and BSA ID number of the account you want deleted.

Full disclosure: I’ve been working this issue for over a week with a few of my Scouts and have not yet gotten it completely resolved. Once you find the right person to talk to, it seems easy enough. But roles and responsibilities don’t seem well defined or understood, at least in my Council. Best of luck!

If you add new Scouts so that their information matches exactly with what is on their BSA youth application, then this should reduce the odds of duplicate accounts. Scoutbook is looking to match:

  • Scout’s full name (first, middle, last - whatever is on the application form)
  • date of birth (DOB)

If duplicates were created anyway, look to see if one of the accounts does not have a BSA ID number. You should be able to delete the account that has no BSA ID number by going to the Scout’s Edit Profile page, scroll down to the bottom to where it should say “Delete [Scout name]'s Account”. [We normally do not recommend deleting Scout accounts, but a duplicate Scout account is an exception.]

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