Two IDs with same email address

When I log in to Scoutbook via a browser(not the app) I see a message…
“Warning, another user is using the same email address. If this is unexpected…”

When I first tried to sign up I chose to log in with my google account. But the pack leader in charge of managing Scoutbook later told us they were having issues and to not do that, rather to create an account not specifically linked to a Google account but that the same email address could be used. I did this and I have both my scouts listed.
But to avoid any future issues and get rid of any warnings I’d like any reference to the other account removed.

What info is needed to get this done ?


@MatthewPayton Right now, you can log in to either one - they are both tied to the same BSA member ID number.

Just to confirm, you want to keep the username that is your e-mail address and retire the one that has sign in with Google turned on?

Correct. I want to keep the one tied to the email address, not the one linked directly to the Google account.

@MatthewPayton OK, I have submitted the request.

All looks good now, thanks.

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I have this same issue. I am told another user is using my email address (removed by Moderator). Please combine my accounts. I believe I have consolidated my BSA IDs on the site, but seem to still have 2 scoutbook accounts.

@EvanHall I have merged your Scoutbook accounts.

You appear to be opted out of e-mails in Scoutbook. If you would like to opt back in, please log in to Scoutbook at:

And go to:

Administration → My Account → Email

And switch the “Messaging Opt-Out” toggle.

Hello hello! I am trying to sign myself as an adult up to go to Camp Big Horn with my kid and as part of this process I discovered that I have 2 accounts. Can you please merge them? The associated email is

Secondary issue, there is a white space before or after my first name in the form. When I went in to renew for this year—I thought it was done for me all year but was wrong—I keep logging in and being told I can’t move forward because of this space, however I am not allowed to edit that field.

Thank you for help and/or pointing me in the right direction!

Hello, I also have a situation with two IDs associated with the same email address.

Twin Rivers Council SB User ID: 8647717; Member ID 133531556 <— Old Pack
Greater St. Louis Area Council SB User ID 4679043; Member ID 12852675 <— Current Troop

Is this Forum the way to get help resolving this?

Thank you!

@AmyCrawford2 I am looking in to this for you.

@AmyCrawford2 This user has 2 usernames at my.scouting.

One is the part of his e-mail address in front of the “@” symbol.
The other has Google sign in turned on.

Which username would he like to keep? We can retire the other one.

Thank you so much! Please keep the Google sign in username.

@AmyCrawford2 The other username has been retired. His username with Google sign in is still active.

Hello! Checking back in as it appears the person who posted after me was helped and my message was not addressed.

@AlexandraNoyes that email is on 2 of your scouts accounts (seem to be duplicate) - I cleared the email BUT the scout seems to be registered twice in same unit - One with First name, one with First name and middle name as first name - so you are paying double. You need to talk to council to clean this up I think

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I currently have two accounts with the same e-mail address - (removed by Moderator)

Can you merge these or do we need to do something? Thanks.

@KellanMarshall that is fixed

@DonovanMcNeil and @JenniferOlinger I would like to merge my Scoutbook accounts please and keep the Google sign in one. Thank you so much!


Your Scoutbook accounts have been merged. The reason a new one was created is because one had your middle name and the other your middle initial so the system did not match them.

Log in with the Google Login button.

Hello, it’s seems I’ve lost full access to manage my troop. As of today when I log into Scoutbook, it seems I’m logged in as a parent with the only connection being my son. Any suggestions?