Duplicate Email Problem

I am trying to enter a Parent and link them with their scout. I only have one email for the family and SB will not let me add the parent due to the scout having the same email. Is there a fix for this.

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Each account requires a unique email address. You can work around this using Gmail’s option to “tag” an email address with a “+tag”. For example, if the family email is familyEmail @gmail.com, you could use familyEmail+dad @gmail.com for the father and familyEmail+mom @gmail.com for the mother. Scoutbook sees these as different emails, but they both deliver to familyEmail @gmail.com

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Pro-Tip: This also works for any “custom” email domains that use GMail for email support, such as my family domain “cagigasfamily.com”.

I’ve sent you a private message to gather some info. Look for the notification on the J in the upper right.

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