Duplicate emails, messaging opt out, can't change profile

New since April. Here are the problems I can’t seem to work through:

  1. Another account and I share an email. I changed my son’s email address on his scouting.org account today. Will that eventually cause the warning of duplicate emails to go away? If so, how long does that usually take?
  2. When I try to click on any field to update my own profile, or my son’s, I click the mouse, but can’t select anything. For instance, I try to click on the profile pic to upload a picture, and nothing happens. I have tried this on Safari and Chrome to no avail.
  3. I have not selected “messaging opt out,” in my admin preferences, but my troop leader says it shows up as “no emails” on his end. I have a screen shot showing what my profile looks like while logged in with the toggle off, and a screen shot of what our troop leader’s looks like with the “no emails” all in red next to my name. How can I ensure I get emails? We have missed ALL emails since signing up in April and I thought it was because our troop was uncommunicative. turns out our scoutbook isn’t set up properly.

These are our BSA member numbers. Please let me know if you need something else. Thanks!

@GloriaMorken Your issue was in Scoutbook / Internet Advancement, where your e-mail there was:


I have fixed it.

Your son also had an issue due to having more than one BSA member number and also more than one Scoutbook userID. These should all be fixed now.

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Thanks! I’ll have a look to see if I can now get emails.

From what I can see… I think it’s all good! I set up two accounts in April thinking mine and his were separate… That might explain why he had two member numbers!

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