Duplicate Emails?

I have a Cub leader/parent with two accounts struggling to manage her den because she only seems to be able to log in to the account connected as a parent, not the one registered as a leader.

Council registrar was asked to merge the BSA IDs about two weeks ago.

Here’s the thing that I thought was not possible - it looks like both accounts have the same email address. Am I hallicinating, or just wrong about unique email addresses?

BSA ID 135947471 - linked to her current registration
BSA ID 13218541 - parent access.


I will look into this.


This is fixed. She should use her my.scouting.org ID that is her first name, middle initial, last name to log in. She should not use her my.scouting.org ID that is an e-mail address.

She should log in to my.scouting.org, go to MENU → Manage Member ID and add MID 13218541 as secondary.

The ever-helpful @edavignon strikes again! Thank you, sir!

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