Merge Parent Account 132337798

Duplicate Parent Account - Issue with two logins different email addresses

  1. Troop Charter/ BSA ID 132337798 Adult Leader

  2. Scoutbook User ID 12208399 associated with above BSA ID, but last login was 7 days ago. I am not able to see the email address associated with this account.

  3. Scoutbook User ID 10865050 with BSA ID 13067120 - I think this is the duplicate, but last login was 2 days ago so most current. j*********

She is clearly using both logins, so must have different emails associated with each.

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@Michael_DeMarcay ok they are merged - The ASM position ended on its own so that needs to be fixed, also the user needs to use their my.scouting user name - which is everything before @ of their email

When I try to add her back as a Leader in Scoutbook it is not finding her record in the search bar. I have tried name, email and BSA ID. Thoughts/suggestions?

you are searching MID 132337798?

Yes and pulled it from her Edit Profile Parent record. I just tried again and now it is working. Thanks.