Duplicate Entries

We have a Scout whose parent completed an online application. He was automatically added to our Pack Roster. In the meantime, a Leader also manually entered him, assigned him to a Den and invited the parent to connect. So … of course now he is on our Roster twice.
How do I combine these accounts?
Although I received an email stating that the parent had accepted the connection invitation (I’ve never received this before?), the parent still has that open chain link under connections. The Scout is brand new yesterday, so there have not been any advancements entered, no calendar invites, etc.

Just make the real one with number the one you use. Put end date on others membership and invite parents

Thank you. Will it make a difference if the mother has already connected to the “wrong” account - the unsynched one without the BSA# ?
She will still be able to accept the invitation to link to the “correct account”?

She can disconnect our you can help her. This way is much easier

The thing I would do is go rename the account you created to FAKE or something so it is easier to find

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