2 scouts with new extra parent accounts: (IMPORTED BY MEMBER UPDATE, NOT INVITED: 11 days ago)

Was attempting to update our Roster PDF but noticed a couple of Scouts now have 1 parent duplicated that from IMPORTED BY MEMBER UPDATE, NOT INVITED: 11 days ago for their extra account. Both show ChangeyourEmail@scoutbook.com

1st Scout - Mother with prior married name

2nd Scout -

Is this something someone from our Unit or Council did to initiate the duplicate or a potential bug?

Well if imported it usually means it is the real parent account where they are connected in AKELA Membership database - I will look

That is fixed - I recommend that They contact your local council and ask them to use the Registrar Tools to look up the children. When they look up the children, they want to check children’s “User Relationship” and make sure that children are connected to parent with Only the correct BSA member ID number

The 1st Scouts has his mother with an existing connection. It hasn’t had a duplicate for the entire time we have used SB and being a CM(over 3 years). Also would have used her existing account once she became AdvChair earlier this year.

Not as certain with the other Scouts parent since there has been minimal SB use.

Are you saying our Council could have different email accounts for them under thier Scouts registration? Can we at least review that via SB?

You are thinks Scoutbook Connections - AKELA Connections are different - see Getting Parents and Scouts Connected

Thanks. Can mention this to the parents but unless something they need done is broken they likely won’t contact anyone.
Personally its unclear and confusing to me when we have Scouts have been involved for quite awhile now having these issues pop-up out of the blue on the same exact day.

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