? re: linking a new parent in SB

Good morning…

Working on getting a new Cub Scout squared away in SB… His mother registered him via online registration so her email/name is appearing in his “connections”. It is still showing as “pending” so I wanted to send her a reminder invite. When I added his dad as a connection - this is the verbiage that auto-generated. “Hi! An account for you has been created in Scoutbook so you can review your Scout’s advancements. Please log in using the credentials and temporary password you see in this email. If you have any questions give me a call or email me. Scoutbook assistance can be found at https://help.scoutbook.scouting.org .”

Here’s my ? - If the mom already has a my.scouting.org account because of online registration - should she just use that login info? Does sending this “invite” via SB create a separate login that will need to be merged? Should I delete the part that says “use the credentials and temp password” and replace it with “your my.scouting.org” login information?

Thanks in advance

just give it time - the mother (to my experience) should come in connected already as she used online registration

The mother should use her my.scouting credentials

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