Merge duplicate accounts; bad email

Hi there, We have a situation where the dad appears to have a duplicate SB account, but the email on the bad account is the mom’s email, which is causing the mom’s account to have the “” as the email address. Dad’s good BSA ID is: 130185769. I can’t see his bad BSA ID, but can you look him up by name and delete the bad account? Also, can you change the mom’s email on her BSA ID: 12666577 to the email address used on the dad’s bad account? Finally, can you confirm if their scout (BSA ID: 130185768) already has an active SB account or not? It doesn’t appear so to me, but just wanted to confirm. Thanks! Tanya

The Scout does not have a user name / login, but his e-mail address is on his Scoutbook userID.

I am checking on the rest

@TanyaSteinhofer These should be fixed.

Awesome! Thanks. Really appreciate it.

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