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Duplicate Parent Account - Please merge with correct

I have a parent with duplicate account in Scoutbook with different BSA ID than My.Scouting.org. Can a SUAC private message me to correct?

My.Scouting.org BSA ID with Youth Protection: 13753738
Scoutbook BSA ID: 13782148

@Michael_DeMarcay this is fixed

Now that it is correct, will Scoutbook be updated with his YPT status overnight tonight with My.Scouting.org?

Rule of thumb is 24 to 48 hours.

Donovan - The user is able to login to both Scoutbook and My.Scouting.org with his *****first@gmail.com address, but he is not showing linked/connected to his Scout. He also says that the invite email he received doesn’t have the button for him to accept. Can you let me know what the next step would be to get this parent connected? Thanks, Michael

he is connected to his son - not even pending from what I see

Since he had a duplicate that was fixed, I had to Delete Account under Scout’s connections and then re-added him using his email address. Once I did that it showed him connected and with the linked icon and with his correct YPT status. All good now. Thank you!

Another one like this to correct, please…

BSA ID 13283146
USER ID 1243946
(email address is correct)

This user was unable to login, and so attempted to create another account (I think). Second account to be merged with above is

BSA ID 133615242
USER ID 10116841
email is changemyemail@scoutbook.com

Once merged, please let me know, and I will have them attempt to reset password on merged account.


@ScouterRob this is fixed - their login is their email - and they logged in about a month ago

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Thanks @DonovanMcNeil ! You are awesome! Please don’t let it go to your head! Well, maybe for just a few minutes :wink:

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