Duplicate Parent Accounts to Merge

I have two issues that I am hoping you would be able to correct/assist.

  1. I am not receiving any Scoutbook emails as I may have created a second account by accident thus causing a conflict with duplicate email addresses? When I try to change my email I receive the follow error “It appears your unit has already created a pending account with this new email address. Please ask them to remove the pending user account and instead search for you using the Global Search feature.” I attempted to resent my password, but that did not help.


BSA # -136223221

UserID -11719389


BSA # -137171086

USERID - 7240606

There is also another member ID # for me for Baltimore Area Council so I am hoping that all of these can be merged or fixed properly if needed? I am involved in both councils.

BSA# - ?

USERID - 12676843

    1. My daughter is unable to receive emails from Scoutbook as well due to an email change. I attempted to change her email address, but I cannot change it within Scoutbook, I was only able to add a new one initially, unless I missed where to change it? Can this be reset and I’ll add her new email address in. She is also unable to sign-on to Scoutbook because of this.

BSA # - 136223220
USERID - 9949612

@RickRussell1 1 on the 2 councils - even if I merged the accounts a new one would form at recharter if you are on the charter. you will just have to do the Change PRIMARY in Manage Member ID to access the other account - or make a secondary MYST User at my.scouting.org > Create
BSA MID= 135214706 - this is you but has a bad DOB council needs to fix

@RickRussell1 why is she unable to sign in? forgotten password? once in she can change email

Thank you. I’ll look into it with council.

I just attempted to sign in for her by clicking on forgot username and now I am receiving the following " No accounts were found matching the information provided. Please contact your local council to report it." I went back in my acct to confirm her USERID# and now I can’t get to her “Edit Profile” page. Guess I’ll go to council.

@RickRussell1 you were logged into account for NCAC were you were not a parent - I made that a account a parent also

Hello- I have a parent/Leader with duplicate accounts if you can please assist:

BSA#: 133775690, USERID:10401358 has the correct leadership position and most up-to-date address

USERID: 2282428 has the correct email

Thanks all!

@WilliamBarnett2 This should be fixed now.

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I’m trying to resolve an account issue with a parent/den leader in our pack. Everything was working correctly last year, but something has happened and now I show him 3 times in the connection manager, and can’t assign him as den leader or give anything other than view permissions.
The original account with correct personal information is under BSA Member# 133286131 User ID1598158. Thanks!

@JUSTINWHEELER, the fact that you can’t assign anything more than view level permissions suggests that the system thinks the individual is not currently registered. Can you verify that they are currently shown on your official roster at my.scouting.org as a den leader? Does that BSA ID match the one that you posted?

@JUSTINWHEELER that user is not registered

The Member ID you provided was last registered in 2018. This is why you can’t assign a position or give more than view permissions.

I found a 2nd account for him, registered with is legal first name where the MID provided used his nickname. I will merge the Scoutbook accounts.

He may also have another MID from a council in Ohio but there is not enough information for me to determine if this is the same person.

I’ll let you know when the accounts in your council are merged.

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Thanks. There shouldn’t be any MID from Ohio as far as I know. He wasn’t a prior scout and he and his son joined our pack as Lions.

This is fixed. Have him check his e-mail address at both my.scouting.org and Scoutbook as one account was …v@gmail while the other was just …@gmail.

He can change his e-mail address on both systems if incorrect.

Great. We have meetings tonight so I’ll follow up with him then. Thanks so much for your help!

@JenniferOlinger All set, thank you!:+1:t3::grin::grin::+1:t3:

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Same for our Troop:

BSA# none
USERID - 1974976
Has correct email

BSA# - 12579275
UserID - 11192141
Has correct address/phone.

@FrankHughes this is fixed

@DonovanMcNeil Thank you sir!

Have a similar issue for myself and two boys. For some reason the email in their accounts is correct, but mine shows changeyouremail. When I go to edit my profile it shows the correct email. I’m also the Bear den leader in our pack, it shows me listed as such. But I can’t update or change anything in Scoutbook.

BSA # 13526603
User ID 10632247

(Name removed)
BSA # 136730282
User ID 10622438

(Name removed)
BSA # 137188937
User ID 11651728