Duplicate Parent-Leader Profiles

Hello @DonovanMcNeil I’m just now able to get back to the question I raised in June in the discussion Duplicate Parent/Leader Profiles

I don’t know if you were able to do something with the 2/4 accounts that I referenced. Ultimately I need 137169421 and 13681994 merged, with 13681994 remaining active and reflected in our charter as a den leader.

Similarly, I need 134242907 and 13630645 merged, with 13630645 remaining active and reflected in our charter as a den leader.

I really appreciate your help on this!

@JamesClarkson few issues
137169421 is a Den Leader in TAC - 13681994 has no registrations
The second set of numbers do not match the same person

13681994 is the profile the person was using as a parent. When the person became a leader and submitted his application, the council erroneously created a new ID (137169421). Is it possible to link the two so that when the person logs in with his 13681994 credentials, he has den leader access?

The same is the case with the second set of numbers, though I added an extra digit previously. 13630645 is the profile as a parent and 13424907 is the profile as a leader. I need this person to be able to use the credentials for their parent profile, but have access as a den leader.

No you have to use the registered MID for Scoutbook to work - though we can make it where logins still work seemlessly

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