Merge Den Leader and Parent account

When my Den Leader logs in with his email address he is accessing his parent account:
SB User ID:
BSA Member ID

His login should also access his registered Den Leader account:
SB User ID:
BSA Member ID:

Note: he is also seeing the warning message about his email being used by another account.

@La_ToyaJackson-Johns Your DL should be using their login (user/password) - NOT email. I will merge the accounts

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Hi Donovan,

He is using what he used on When I said email I was referencing he was not using the Google/Apple ID login option.

Thank you for merging the accounts!

@La_ToyaJackson-Johns well he had wrong MID set as primary also

Yes, he is from another council and that was an issue too, when trying to process his application.

I tried to find he previous council info prior to posting but the search did not bring it up today. I believe his previous council was in Colorado. It would be nice his full record remained connected.

there is nothing else for him that I see

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