Duplicate Parent Profiles in Scoutbook

For some reason, I see TWO accounts with my name on ScoutBook. I used to be able to view both of my children’s records on ScoutBook, but as of this week I now can only view one child’s records. How do we get this problem fixed? I suspect that for some reason my login is now directing me to the duplicate parent profile that only has my daughter associated with it, but not my son. How do we get this problem fixed?

Reach out to your council they can merge them

Not sure who to contact in Occoneechee Council. Would that be the Family Scouting Executive for the county, or the Registrat?

I would start with the registrar

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Or look at your account and look for email - that is the email you want both units to search for you to connect you as a parent. Sounds like recharter might have made you another account we are seeing alot of that

It’s strange, because I only use one email address everytime I log into ScoutBook and Scouting.

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