Duplicate Registrations

How do I delete a duplicate registration?

Where are you seeing this duplicate registration? There are a few systems that you could see it in (application in the my.scouting application manager, my.scouting roster, and Scoutbook/IA).

If it is a true Dupe - you would talk to council - if you want us to look at it further post the BSA #

It’s in Scoutbook. Numbers are 13019284, 13019282, 13019286, 13019285.

@DavidMyers4 you are going to have to be more specific than posting random numbers (not defined BSA# SB#, etc) for us to understand the issue please

These are duplicate BSA member ID numbers.

@DavidMyers4 the first 3 are all different people???

All 4 are different people. They all have duplicate ID numbers that should be deleted.

@DavidMyers4 - do you mean that they show up twice with the same BSA ID number in perhaps the scoutbook roster. Your posts are a bit vague

@DavidMyers4 are these Scoutbook ID #s or BSA #s? Do you know the duplicate numbers to post?

They show up in Scoutbook roster with different numbers. The correct numbers are currently being used and these four numbers should be deleted.

@DavidMyers4 - perhaps you can post the correct BSA ID numbers for @DonovanMcNeil to check against the duplicate numbers. What numbers are showing in the my.scouting.org roster.

These are the correct BSA numbers: 136465896, 136468792, 135687632, 13900523.

@DavidMyers4 those are all cleaned up - not sure how they were generated though

I’m having the same problem. I’m showing up on the troop roster in my.scouting, but not in scoutbook or internet advancement. I think it has to do with recharter. In myscouting, I had two BSA member IDs. I set the old one to primary, and now in scoutbook, all I see is the account button. My correct ID is 13377884, but scoutbook has 13080605. Any ideas?

There are also people on my roster that didn’t recharter, but I think I need to take that up with council.

This is my first time posting on here, if I was supposed to make my own thread, please let me know.

@MatthewAlford1 this should be pretty much fixed - leadership will come back over night - I recommend that you contact your local council and ask them to use the Registrar Tools to look up your children. When they look up your children, they want to check your children’s “User Relationship” and make sure that your children are connected to you as parent with your correct BSA member ID number 13377884 - and not on 137091858

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Thank you very much.

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