Duplicate scout account

Hi we have a new Lion scout with TWO scout book accounts and TWO BSA ID’s causing conflict. Can we have one ID deleted?
ID to be deleted is 13786117.
Valid ID registered on the charter is 137218242.
Thank you.

The SB Accounts are merged - we can do nothing with BSA #s - you need to talk to council for that.

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Hi, when we send an invitation email to a parent to connect with their son on scoutbook, the email they receive does not have an accept button, or link. They viewed the email on their iphone, gmail account. I asked her to log in from a desktop/laptop and try but haven’t heard back yet. Is this a known bug/issue?

@MichaelSymons - with lions and tigers the parents should already be connected as the partners.

the no link is often caused by device security and it auto hiding images

^^^ this as well ^^^^

Thank you.
The scout is a Lion. Interesting that the parent isn’t automatically connected. Can this be changed if I provide the necessary information?

@MichaelSymons - when you look at the scout > connections who shows up there ? Just the registered leaders ? It may be that the parent is connected as the position of “Adult Partner”

The registered leaders are connected.
The parent shows “the connection is pending”
An invitation to connect email was just sent Saturday. I was with the parent. I saw the email come into her mail, but there was no accept button in the email.

@MichaelSymons - ok thanks. I would also take a look at what Donovan noted. I know with my email app on my phone I have to specifically click on show images likewise on outlook on the pc.

Hi guys, the email invite / acceptance link is t working for the parent. She receives the email but there is no option to click accept or show images. She uses iPhone and MacBook.

She is already linked to her son, but she cannot see his progress and advancement.

Can you complete this step for her?

@MichaelSymons - when she logs in what is showing ? If it starts out with My Dashboard, what happens when she clicks on that ? If it shows Administration, what happens when she clicks on Administration, does that show anything ?

She only sees her account info.

She is marked as parent/guardian

We can help her best by her logging in to forums to discuss it I think

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