Duplicate ScoutBook Account/Same Email address

Hi, We have a parent with 2 accounts (with the same email). The account that they use to log in is 133521431, and the duplicate account which is attached to the scout is 14501444. Can these be merged?

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posting to follow, similar problem

@DominicPercival Is this an issue you are having? Or someone else? If it is someone else, please post their BSA member number. (No names, please)

@JenniferOlinger DominicPercival’s parent email has two accounts associated with it (one for a previous council, one for a new council. Parent can only access things associated with old council. Parent BSA member number is 14031838. Thanks.

@ElizabethGallagher This should be fixed.

@DominicPercival Parent’s issues should be fixed.

@JenniferOlinger Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!

@JenniferOlinger Parent issue is possibly resolved, thanks, but now the same child (DominicPercival) appears in two councils, and the current council profile does not have any of the advancements from Lion, Bobcat, Tiger. Parent can see two DominicPercival profiles, but when Dominic Percival logs in, he can only see his profile from the old council (which now has no BSA id). Thanks again.

I need some assistance in merging two Scoutbook Accounts for a parent. They moved from one council to another. If you private message me, I can provide their names and scoutbook / bsa id’s.

Thank you

I am also having this issue with duplicate accounts. I only see one of my kids on the dashboard. PM me and let me know what you need.

@WilliamKett I will send you a private message

@DominicPercival Scout’s Scoutbook accounts have been merged.

Please have Scout log in at my.scouting and double-check e-mail address and other info. (Menu → My Profile). The e-mail address appears to be different from the one in Scoutbook.

@MatthewUrberg This should be fixed. You might need to log out of Scoutbook, then log back in.

Please log in with your my.scouting username – not your e-mail address.

Thank you, @JenniferOlinger ; the issue appears to be resolved. The solution seemed to be related to how my.scouting send information to scout book.

@JenniferOlinger I have the same issue. Can you help resolve this.

@RuwaniPalihapitiya I only see one e-mail for you in Scoutbook.

What issue are you having?

Thanks for checking. Looks like it’s been fixed. I used to get a message saying multiple accounts for the same email. I don’t see it anymore.

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