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Duplicate Scoutbook entries and missing entries

I noticed lately that there have been issues with our Roster. I notice this ever so often where it seems like there is some update and duplicate Scoutbook Profiles are found. When I looked at their membership, under the Optional Notes it says AkelaSBDeltaSyncInsert. I’ve been ending those memberships and then going with the profiles that we started. However, now the correct profile entires are missing and the incorrect ones are the only ones left and of course there are no advancements etc. Help?

“Akela” is the official BSA membership database which includes online registration, internet recharter registration, and registration done by the council registrar from paper application forms. I do not think you want to be deleting these membership registration entries,

That means something was different about the version of the scout that was on your Scoutbook roster compared to the official roster, which can be found on member manager in my.scouting.org Most likely it was a Bsa member number, but it could be a name or birthdate.

Once you determine what those differences are, Either contact your registrar to change the official roster or change your original record in Scoutbook to match. If it’s a field you can’t change, email scoutbook.support@scouting.org with all the details and ask them to change the original record to match your member manager roster.

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