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Duplicate Scoutbook Roster

When I login to Scoutbook and go to the “My Dashboard” section, I am presented with a selection of two rosters (See illustration) - one for Troop 76 and another for Troop 76 B with a circling arrows “A” symbol. If I select the first/Troop 76 one I’m presented with a listing of 10 patrols with no scouts and then if I drill down into the Troop Roster, I’m presented with a list of Adult leaders, many of whom haven’t been associated with the Troop for years, at least in terms of being on its most recent registration form/roster.

then, when I go down the "Troop 76 B (with circling arrows “A” symbol), I get a listing of 39 Scouts (our current count is 40) and most but not all of the 39 are on our roster and some are missing.

Can anyone give me any insight into what is going on.

Note also that we are not really using Scoutbook. We use TroopMaster Web software and to uploads/imports into Internet Advancement 2 System used by CT Yankee Council and I believe it is somehow synched into Scoutbook. I suspect this 2 roster situation may be causing some of the Advancement import issues we seem to be encountering, but at this stage, it’s just a guess. Step one is to try to understand what we’re seeing.image

looks like an old test account perhaps - probably in your leadership positions

I assume you mean the Troop 76 roster is an old account? How do we get rid of it? once we confirm it can be gotten rid of without adverse consequences? Any idea why I’m not seeing an Adult Leader Roster on the Troop76 B entry, just Scouts?

I can setup a screenshare to figure it out if you wish @GaryHolland

can’t do it today, maybe tomorrow? 10 or 11 AM Eastern time?

also, does the symbol below mean it’s being synced with Internet Advancement 2 by any chance?

yes that is sync - I can set one up for 10:30 your time Wednesday - I will direct message you link - look at Avatar in top right of screen

great, I’ll tune in tomorrow at 10:30 AM Eastern. Appreciate your assistance.

Stay Healthy!

@GaryHolland you find the direct message?

Yes, and I have downloaded the necessary go to meeting up so I’m ready to go. Thank you so much.

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