Eagle Palm Reset

Can you please reset Eagle Palm #1 for one of my scouts. It won’t let me approve it for some reason even though I can approve all of his other Palms. His BSA Member ID is: 129018675.


Did you try unapproving all the others, and then make sure the completion date on the 1st one is correct? Either the date of the Eagle BOR or 3 months after, depending on when the badges were earned.

I did try that. The error message I get is: “Check the date. Requirement #4 was completed after this date.” This error message is incorrect since he finished requirement 4 on 2-18-2019.

Palm Requirement 4 are the merit badges. Make sure the merit badges approved dates are each prior to the Eagle BOR.

I just figured out the problem. One of the dates on his merit badges was incorrect. Thank You.

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