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Eagle palms out of order

Looking at one of my eagle scouts tonight, I noticed his first palm was showing 50% instead of completed (he earned it with his eagle rank May 20th) and I had previously marked it complete in June. So I went in and marked it complete/recorded/awarded and now his profile shows two bronze and one gold? That should not even be possible.

I need him reset back to two completed palms. And don’t want to lose his progress on silver (3rd)

What dates show when you hover over each of the two bronze palms? I’m wondering if it’s showing the same palm twice (display error), or if there’s a “phantom” palm out there somehow.

Go to your main Troop page and Export / Backup the Advancement file. Open it up in a spreadsheet program like Excel, and turn filtering on. and set the Advancement Type to “Award” and the Advancement to “Eagle Palm Pin #1” and “Eagle Palm Pin #2”.

Then look at the MarkedCompletedBy and LeaderApprovedBy fields to see if one of them says “BSA Administrator”.

I took screenshots of all three links for the bronze then bronze then gold. See attached.
Both bronze point to same entry that I marked complete today.

[Files removed by Moderator for youth privacy]

Here is the file.
Lines 1266-1268 are the three palms, should only be two.
No idea how the first bronze was reverted back from Awarded to 50% incomplete. That’s what started this mess.
Can you tell if a parent was online changing something??

[Files removed by Moderator for youth privacy]

None of the palms were completed by “BSA administrator”
The two conflict ones show exactly the same, me, today.

@MichaelReddy OK, try:

Starting with the Gold Palm #2, click on the checkbox next to where it says “Completed”. Remove the checks from “Approved / Recorded” and “Awarded”, then Save. Click on the “Completed” box again, and remove the date. Then repeat the steps for Bronze Palm #1, and see if that removes the phantom Palm.

It removed all of his palms back down to Zero (screenshot attached)

[Screenshot removed by Moderator for youth privacy.]

One oddball thing I found and removed, someone had added Tracking MB to the advancement of this scout. I removed that.
Then I tried to add the first bronze palm back but it shows up double still…??

Showing two bronze palms still after only adding back complete date of 5/20/20 to first bronze

@MichaelReddy Try removing all of the Scout’s Eagle Palms. Wait at least 24-48 hours before adding them back. There is an advancement sync process that happens in the background, and it might be causing the duplicate.

If that does not resolve the issue, please post again, and we will ask the developers to take a look.

I will try that. Removing today, will add back Thursday

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Ok the system is completely jacked up now.

Scoutbook still shows zero palms for T.J., but an export of the advancement file shows bronze, silver, silver.

What is going on??

[Files and Scout’s name removed by Moderator for youth privacy]

Looking at your Export / Backup advancement file, I see Broze Palm requirement #4, and Silver Palm requirements #1 and #3. I do not see any overall Palms.

If you want to provide files or screenshots, please let us know, and we can send you a private message.

So I went back to the first palm and marked it complete on his eagle date of 5/20/20 and now it shows two bronze again.

Something is still very broken.

[Files and screenshots removed by Moderator for youth privacy.]

OK, if you could leave the Palms as they are, I will pass the info. on to the developers to take a look.

By that, I mean go ahead and add the Eagle Palms as Completed and Approved, with the correct dates.

Ok I have updated the entry with bronze #1 and gold #2 completed on 5/20/20, marked as reported and awarded as they are.

Scout summary page shows 3 palms again with the doubles bronze. Export report attached again with screenshots. This is right back where we were Tuesday.

[Files removed by Moderator for youth privacy.]

Yes, I have reported the issue to the developers.

Please do not share screenshots or files with youth full names. We can get more information from you via private message, if needed.

I’m sorry I thought this was direct emailing between us