Eagle Parent - duplicate my.scouting records

What is the correct way to merge my.scouting accounts so that OA and Eagle Scout records are not lost?

We have a new family where the father is an Eagle Scout from pre-Scoutbook. Council processed the youth application and when he went to register on my.scouting it showed him that he had old records from his youth council in addition to, presumably, new records created from youth application processing. I assume the account was duplicated during application processing and that the existing records should have been associated with his son instead. He selected the duplicated record because that is the one connected to his child. When he did this he was successfully connected to his Scout in our unit. He would like to keep his OA and Eagle Scout records tied to his my.scouting account but our council is unable to merge my.scouting accounts from two different councils.

BSA#: 137415780
Scoutbook user id: 12071913
my.scouting PTAC member id: 137415780

I did this for my youth record by using Manage Member ID at my.scouting.org to add my youth BSA ID as a secondary. I think it’s available at my.scouting both in the left-side drop-down menu and under My Profile under the avatar in the upper right corner. It doesn’t really do much in terms of synchronizing OA or rank status in Scoutbook, at least it didn’t when I used it.

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