Link parent OA & Eagle records to current member id?

Any direction is greatly appreciated.

We have a Scout parent who is an Eagle Scout (earned in a different council). He earned Eagle prior to Scoutbook and has his old My Scouting member id but does not have the ability to login as he never had credentials when he was Scouting.

It was suggested that he add his current council member ID to his old my.scouting account and that it should link his account with Scoutbook. Because he is unable to login to his old account he is unable to do this. In Scoutbook the member id / BSA id is not editable.

What can we do to keep his OA and Eagle scout records tied to him? Should we be looking to our current council to assist with resolving this or should we try with the prior council to obtain credentials and try the suggested adding of his member id to his old account?

Member ID: 1850450
Council: Laurel Highlands Council 527

Pathway to Adventure Member ID: 137415780

Thank you

:information_source: FYI, Info received from Council

  • Information from the old council can be merged with the current council in my.scouting and the Eagle rank should appear on this record (current council can confirm this).
  • You will not ever see the Eagle rank for adults show up in Scoutbook since advancement records to not sync for adults, but we should be able to get it to show up on our council view in my.scouting. Council will have to put in a help desk ticket for that and will need the following information; Eagle date, unit, and city/zip code that the Eagle was earned in.
  • OA records are housed in LodgeMaster and do not sync with Scoutbook or My.scouting, but everyone can update their Scoutbook records by putting the information in the “edit profile” section of their record in Scoutbook. That information will ONLY be viewable for the unit and the individual in Scoutbook. If you register with the local lodge, they will likely need you to give them the Eagle information as well to attach to your local OA registration.

What I did in the same situation was added my old BSA ID to my current my.scouting account as a secondary number. You can’t (currently anyway) see anything useful by doing this, but there’s no separate way to solve that problem that I’ve heard about.

On the OA front, if he’s interested in registering as a scouter, he can “reactivate” his OA membership by reaching out to the local lodge. They’ll want to know when (year is usually enough) he completed his ordeal and which council or lodge it was with. That’s usually enough to find the right person.

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