Eagle Project Service Hours - Can't enter Event Type

Select Eagle Project under service hours, Must select “Event Type”. Field shows “no Data” and will not allow you to save service hours as an Eagle project…see picture

@MarkCorbett - hard refresh the browser fixes that every time

Ok, the field worked and now I get an “Internal Server Error” and it wont save??

@MarkCorbett - sounds like an issue on your end as I just added one without issue as a test

So what type of issue could I have on my end that would give me that message? I am not an IT person and have few resources at my disposal to use to correct the error. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks

@MarkCorbett try a private or incognito window

So, even if that works are you telling me that I would need to do that going forward?

if it works you know it is something on your computer - like a pop-up blocker causing the issue

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So that didn’t work either. It worked a few days ago, but not today. So frustrating. I have now spent 30 minutes working on a task that should have taken 5 minutes. Could this be tied to the new calendar function?

From my phone and on a different account, getting the same internal server error

@MarkCorbett - so you are adding this from an event then. You should have made that clear… I was able to replicate that error.

Did you add any Non-registered data? I cannot get the failure

@DonovanMcNeil - I ran this as follows:

  1. Edit event
  2. add service
  3. youth and adult 1 hr in the group section
  4. no non-registered
  5. all listed attendees
  6. click save
    Then the error shows up

ETA - a second attempt was made, this time i removed the non-registered parents and it was successful

Ok, I removed two parents from the event attendance list and it posted. Thank you!

@MarkCorbett - are those parents registered in another unit or as an MBC ? And if they were participants, you can add them back in by editing the event again and the service hours

They are parents, nit registered leaders. Was able to add theme correctly. Thank you.

Suggest that the reason why it didn’t work is shown in the error window rather than a simple error message.

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