Eagles are in old IA but not new IA

fyi, had to put palms in, in old IA. Eagles are still showing as Life in New IA. also, you should be able to put many palms in at once due to "insta"palms rule now allowing many palms to be earned the day of Eagle BOR, old IA won’t allow me to put in past silver.

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Brian - when was the EBoR and when was the ESRA submitted ? The rank of Eagle is input directly by National.

hi Stephen, it was input 5/18 into scoutnet as its showing up in old IA but not IA2. makes it impossible to buy palms this way (already a problem when a COH is too soon after an Eagle Board). Not sure if this is a glitch or a new problem units will have to be aware of now if council inputs the date after EBOR’s and it doesn’t ripple to IA2.

Who entered the Eagle date? The unit or your local council?


Did the Eagle just appear in IA1 today? It takes 24 hours after ScoutNET is updated for the data to appear in the Scoutbook Database which is what IA2 uses.

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I would allow 48 hours

it wasn’t me, it could have been council, it could have showed up today, i have no idea. it could be coincidence that it appeared today, but why not appear in both places? we are trying to get our advancement items for COH, using old IA we will be ok. wish this was all easier!


Internet Advancement 1.0 is a snapshot of what is in the ScoutNET database at the time Load Roster is clicked. Internet Advancement 2.0 directly accesses the Scoutbook database. There is a sync process that runs a few times per day to bring any changes made in ScoutNET to Scoutbook. If you look at Internet Advancement 1.0 after ScoutNET is updated but before the sync process brings the changes to Scoutbook, you will see different results.

The BSA is working through the process of retiring ScoutNET. Releasing Internet Advancement 2.0 is part of that process. Moving off of a legacy database to a new database is a long, complex process which is why is is occurring over a period of months.

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thanks, totally understood. my unit has opted to use Troopmaster in concert with IA1, so also a long complex process for us too :slight_smile: we’ll all learn together!

Last I heard, IA1 will become unavailable next week.

thanks, particularly bad timing for those units like ours racing to get advancements in before end of june COH’s. we will transition to IA2 once we can, already started poking around

From BSA's Internet Advancement upgrades bring smarter, easier tools to units

The previous version of Internet Advancement will be retired for all programs except Exploring on June 10, 2019.

thanks ed, read it weeks ago…also for those asking re: eagles/council sync. i have an eagle from May 2018, in IA1 w/eagle and all his palms still registered/active, in IA2 he shows up as a life scout. so not a “today” sync issue most likely, something else maybe.

Would you send an email to scoutbook.support@scouting.org copy suacinformation@gmail.com and specify the situation, list the names of the Scouts, and member IDs if you have them, any relevant dates. your unit type and number, and council name. I will escalate it and with the ticket we can track it.

Include the recent eagle as well
there was a situation last year that caused some advancements not to transfer to the new database. There are not many of them, but we bump into them from time to time.

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here’s an example of the issue. Scout listed as life. Eagle “pending” approval. Date entered a while ago (by council?). Can’t approve so can’t get palms. Approving gives error message. Can list all scouts but this may be a system issue not a specific unit/scout thing? it’s all of them that are eagle.

http://www.troop97newcity.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Capture.jpg http://www.troop97newcity.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Capture2.jpg

So the Eagle Rank is not approved at the unit level so that would account for an error. National approves that one and will be noted as such when they enter it.

correct. but i just checked again and there are a few eagles in my unit that achieved and are listed as eagle after the other ones that are still listed as life. so… :frowning: (still can’t enter palms)

Nothing is pending in IA1.0 correct ? And you are only using IA and not scoutbook itself. Sorry for the questions and my ignorance but just want to get up to speed on the details.

as far as i know. IA1 is closed, can’t get into it. only using scoutbook.scouting.org now

@BRIANCOLTON I have a few minutes if you want me to setup a screenshare to see if I can figure it out