Eagle Req'mt 3 & "Scouts BSA Individual Advancement Record"

This is a very small issue, but I think there is a bug related to Eagle requirement 3 and the “Scouts BSA Individual Advancement Record”. I notice it with my son, whose BSA ID number is 131198954. His last Eagle required badge (CIS) was completed on 3/13/23, and yet on his Scouts BSA Individual Advancement Record, it states that he completed his 21 merit badges on 11/28/22. I wonder if this discrepancy is related to a bug with the CIS badge? We have two other boys who recently completed Eagle, and one more who only has his BOR left. None of these 3 boys show this discrepancy, but also, none of them had CIS as their last merit badge either. Please investigate the potential of a bug related to CIS and the Scouts BSA IAR. Thank you.

@BrianHeflin yeah there is something wrong - it will be reported

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I kind of think it is a hanging complete date from a previous Eagle version - but am checking

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Did we figure out what is going on with this potential bug?

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