Editing Advancement Dates

Hi, I am my troop’s advancement chair. When reconciling scout advancement data when a scout goes for Eagle, there have been times where rank dates needed to be adjusted as previous data had been entered incorrectly for the scout. However, scoutbook does not seem to want to allow for this anymore. I get errors that I cannot change second class for example bc the scout has already earned first class and in order to change second class I need to unapprove the rank to update the date but this would then affect subsequent ranks earned. Is there a way to do this? Thanks.

In order to change the date for this Scout’s second class, you must first remove the approved check box from First Class. If the Scout has also earned Star, you need to remove the approved check box from Star, etc.

Once a rank is approved, the previous rank is locked. This is done because Scoutbook checks Star, Life and Eagle for tenure. If a previous rank date were allowed to be changed without unapproving the subsequent rank, a date could be entered that would cause the subsequent rank to fail the tenure check.

So just unapprove all later ranks, change a date, approve that rank, and then reapprove the later ranks?



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