Editing OA Election Date deletes date joined Scouts BSA

Because SB/IA2 treats Scouts/Scouters who are elected as candidates for membership in the OA as members, you have to edit each of their profiles in order to remove the date when they were elected and un-click the OA member box when their 24 month eligibility period expires. Otherwise, SB/IA2 will not calculate their camping nights and they will not show up on the OA Eligibility Report, even though they should.

(One issue with doing that was that I had to do that twice for each Scout because IA2 did not want to accept removing the check box and the date of election.)

I had to do that for about 8 Scouts today. After I did that, I reran the OA Eligibility Report to verify that the Scouts were no longer being listed as members of the OA. They were not, but I also discovered that the “Date Joined Scouts BSA” date had been removed for all of the Scouts. I had to go into each Scout’s profile and manually re-enter the date they joined Scouts BSA. This is a bug that needs to be fixed. Removing the OA election date should not affect the Date Joined Scouts BSA.

In the long term, candidates should not be treated as members of the OA until an Ordeal date is entered. Once their 24 month period of eligibility has expired, their camping eligibility needs to start being calculated.

Yours in Service,

Chuck Olson
BSA # 2135382
Scoutbook Administrator, Troop 463
Sandy Springs, GA
Member, Lodgemaster Advisory Team