Editing Personal Activities

I have a scout who is very active in his Scoutbook account, and loads every activity before I have a chance to build the activity in IA. Is there a way to either edit his activity to become a unit activity, or to delete his activity so I can give him credit with the reset of the troop?

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From what I understand: individual activities currently cannot be converted to group activities.

Is there a way to delete the individual activity?


I have a similar issue.
Is there a way to temporarily ‘block’ scout and parents from editing info. in scout book. We have scouts who put everything into scoutbook without approval and creates a lot of extra work for the volunteer parents who keep our troop records up to date. It would be nice to be able to stop this by making their account read-only till records are finished being processed by the troop.

I do not believe there is a way to do this with the software. A call to the parents, though, seems to be a simpler solution.

It is not the parent as much as the scout. I have talked with the scout about this but he continues to do it anyway. I Will re-visit the issue with the family. Thanks

A different question is can a parent revoke a Scout’s access?

Ok in looking at scout/parent items for camping/hiking/service they are listed in advancements.scouting.org as pending approval. I can either approve them, ignore them or delete them. And if I click into an item I have an option to decline them.

I have a situation where I mistakenly edited a personal activity from the “Activities” view thinking it was a group activity. If you click “Edit and Finish” on a pending activity I believe it is the same as approving it. Now there is no way to disapprove or delete the personal activity. Whenever this happens I just the edit the activity with a date far in the future to clear them off any reports I need to run. It can always be reedited to document a legitimate personal activity. But I really wish there was a way to just simply delete them.

@JamesMayled What is your position within the unit?

I am Scoutmaster/Troop Admin

What’s your bsa member number?

My BSA member # is 130972228

I’ll report it to the developers. I do not know when they will resolve this.

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I am having the same issues as others here. Scouts enter their info as a personal activity before the group activity is created, then there are multiple entries for the same event. We can’t include the individual in the group activity or it will count them twice. The “Add Person” button needs to be added to the personal activity to convert it to a group activity. This would make it MUCH easier for unit administrators to enter their logs. Alternatively, you could also provide a delete option on the personal activity so we could re-enter as a group activity, but that would make more work for everyone. The solution shouldn’t be to call the Scout and tell them to stop entering their info.

@JonathanFenwick - or not include them on the group event.

I am having a similar issue - we accidentally created multiple copies of the same “personal event” but cannot delete the extra hiking events. Have tried both in my role as Cubmaster and as parent… How can we delete those extra events? We have set the mileage to 0 so as not to “double count” but still - would prefer to delete. In the notes section - it has 2734807 on all three entries - need to delete the ones listed as “February Monthly Hike”