Scoutbook Group Activity accidentall entered as individual activities

I’ve entered all our past activities in order to migrate to scoutbook. Somehow I accidentally entered one group activity as an individual activity for all the scouts that attended. Don’t know how I did this or how to correct it.

I did the same thing and I can’t figure out how to correct it. I can’t delete it and I can’t make a group activity to replace it. I’m stuck.

@TwilaLytle and @DavidMyers4 - can you recall the steps and process that led to the end result

Took a closer look at this and these entries are not what I entered. All the entries say This activity is from the Legacy service logs and does not count toward Journey to Excellence. While I can add/delete scouts from every activity I entered, I cannot edit the scouts associated with these individual entries.

Since there were so many individual entries there was a 2nd page and found my group entry there.

Is there anyway to delete the individual entries. Right now the scouts are getting double credit for this summer camp because there is both the group entry I entered and the individual entries entered by someone else.

In the legacy logs, everything was saved as individual entries, even those that were entered as a single entry. When they were initially transferred over, there was no way to edit them. I don’t think that has changed yet. It’d be easier to remove the group entry you had entered.

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@TwilaLytle - I would agree with what @jacobfetzer noted. The best approach is to remove those scouts from the entry you made or have their days/nights reduced to zero on your entry

Got it figured out. I guess I should have read the instructions first. Kinda new at this. lol

That’s what I did. I reduced the individual entries to zero. They’re still there but they don’t count.

Thx, I decided to delete the group entries. I’m asking the scouts to look over their records to ensure they got credit for all their activities and I don’t want two entries to show up that I may get questions about. Anyway now they only have credit for 1 week of camping during summer camp.

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