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Not receiving email thru Scoutbook

I’m not receiving email messages thru Scoutbook.

Confirmed that my email addy listed on Scoutbook profile is accurate.
Running Outlook 2010.
Listed as Cubmaster and have full admin privileges.

Whether I send messages to a few or the entire Pack, I don’t receive a copy of the original msg.
Also don’t receive messages originated from other SB user in the Pack.
Msgs I send are received by intended recipients.
Basically, I can send to everyone on Pack SB, but do not receive from anyone.

contacted SB on 9/9 and activated an account. not a peep since.

Anyone have a similar experience or know how to rectify?


@RandyMisekow - have you worked through this:

You indicated that others received emails so that would exclude a system bug.

Thanks Stephen,

I guess I forgot to mention that I already checked to see if there are any email addys in my blocked sender list. there are none.

Therefore this action does not solve my issue.

As for it not being a system bug, I disagree. There is still some potential for this to be a SB issue.

Over the past 2 months or so, how I receive(d) email I sent via Scoutbook has changed.

Originally, I received one copy of the message I sent because I included myself in the recipients list.

Then, I received two copies of messages I sent, one b/c I was included in recipient list and the 2nd, I assume that maybe SB suddenly started sending a copy of the message to the original sender whether or not the sender was on the recipient list.

Then, I didn’t receive any copy of messages I originated but could receive replies from recipients.

Now, I get nothing, even with zero address on by blocked sender list.

All these changes in in how I receive email thru SB without me making one single change to my outlook settings.



Could you try sending two test messages to yourself, one with bcc on and one with bcc off?

Thanks Jacob,

I tried several possible test combinations.

with or with out attachments

Bcc or no bcc

sending to my address from the leader column and to my address from the parent column (both same address just list in two places) and from both at the same time.

sending to just myself and along with group.

just to try the obscure, reentered my email addy on SB profile page, reset password twice and tried sending thru scoutbook from two devices other than my desktop - a laptop and android phone.

As Stephen suggested, I looked at junk email folder and confirmed no blocked addresses.

I also confirmed that there are no “rules” set up for specific actions for any addresses.

At this point I do not know of any other corners to look in or tabs to click on that impact receipt of mail settings in Outlook 2010.

I wonder if SB can somehow block an address from going thru the system?



When you updated your email address, did you received the email for that?

Also look under my dashboard > administration > my account > email. At the top is a messaging opt-out. Which direction is that slider?

No message from updating email

Thanks Jacob,

I had previously looked at that and the slider was in the grey “off” position.

I just tried the red “on” position to see what happens and that won’r allow me to select my name as a recipient.

I appreciate your suggestions.

Who at Scoutbook can I contact to discuss this issue?

Sorry to appear impatient on this but time is of the essence. We just signed 25 new Scouts and I need to send communications thru Scoutbook. Currently using my private email in interim?

Sent and received message from my own email to confirm that my address is not blocked, nor does anything go to to junk email folder.

Worked with ISP to ID any potential settings changes and there are none.

I date and time stamped all test messages from SB, my ISP doesn’t see any of them. If the message isn’t making it to my ISP, that suggests that the problem is upstream i.e SB.

Perhaps it’s obvious that I received the email thru Scoutbook from Jacob and Stephen however can’t receive anything sent via our pack account.


All you can do is send an e-mail to There is no telephone support provided for Scoutbook.

Be aware that Scoutbook member care is currently backed up due to family emergencies with several of its staff members.


Thanks for the behind the scene insight.

Best of luck with those family emergencies.



Are you still having these problems? I’m just realizing that many in our Pack are not receiving emails in scoutbook either. Committee members with full access, families, me, cub master and parent.

I want to be able to use scoutbook exclusively but it is not trustworthy . . .


Yes the problem still exists.

I created a separate gmail account and changed the email on my SB profile to the new gmail account so I can receive messages.

However, this will only be temporary as I do not want to have to keep searching several email accounts each day.

A different tracking app/program has been suggested to us because of added features and reliability. We are looking into it.

I’m hoping SB can get this fixed soon, as I really don’t want to transfer the status of current Pack members plus 25-30 new recruits to a new tracking program.


If I’m understanding correctly, you still have the same Scoutbook account but have a different email address in it? Both the old and new are gmail addresses?

I assume you already tried changing it back to your preferred address with no luck?

Thanks Jacob

  1. Yes, same SB account.

  2. Yes, different email address.

  3. Only new one is Gmail, other is local

  4. No luck. Tried changing back to old Midco address, but couldn’t receive email with verifiication code at Midco address. (just now tried it again with no luck)

  5. Currently still Gmail that worked with a couple test messages.



Knowing the provider may provide some clues. In the meantime, you can set the gmail account to forward everything to your preferred email address.

An interesting characteristic to this whole dilemma, is that I continue to send and receive comments on this SB thread thru my main, preferred Midco address while items sent thru the Pack’s SB account are not being received at this:thinking:thinking:

I wonder if someone reported Scoutbook to MidCo as a spam source, and that is why the emails won’t come to you.

Do you know if anyone else uses the same ISP email in your unit? That might allow you to at least track down the issue.

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Hi Charlie,

Thanks. Upon your suggestion, I sent a test message to Pack members with the Midco ISP. Messages went thru.

Last week I spoke to the ISP. They didn’t have any blocks on Scoutbook and weren’t seeing any messages from Scoutbook to my email acount.

While on the phone with ISP, I sent a few messages from different accounts including our Pack’s SB account. The ISP could see each test message, except the one from SB, come in to my email address.

Again, all this suggests that messages addressed to my primary email are not leaving SB or somehow getting lost along the way.