Email Error and No Current Membership or Application - Need to Transfer

I’m getting the “another user is using the same email address” error when I log into scoutbook.

Also, several months ago we moved and changed from one pack to another. I see the previous pack under Past Memberships but there is no current membership listed (should be Pack 459). I tried to follow the instructions for parent initiated transfer but there is no application listed in the My Applications area of my.scouting.

BSA ID:14302659
SB User ID: 12233421

@MichaelTurner4 it appears to be your Wifes email on your account?

@MichaelTurner4 yeah these accounts are pretty messed up and I do not think Michael is a registered account - give us a few to untangle this

OK these are cleaned up - I see no official registration in a Pack 459 - I suggest talking to leaders

Okay, will do, thanks for your help.

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