Email Issues / List management

BSA IT is working to address the issue but at this time we do not know when it will be resolved. We recommend using an alternative platform for sending messages until further notice.

What “alternative platforms” are available? While we could export a list of parent email addresses, we can’t do this for scouts.

You will probably just have to email the parents for now.

This is a terrible issue, we have 155 scouts with 42 leaders and now I have to email them all individually. BSA IT needs to resolve this immediately, we have campouts, activities, den meetings etc and now no one is getting notified.

It would be a full time job just emailing everyone their list of events.

What I would really like to see is a report from Scoutbook that would include leader, parent and scout emails that would allow us to import that to another email list management software. Maintaining the list is large job and the point of using scoutbook is to have one database that is accurate and synced with BSA records.

I know BSA doesn’t think we should have access to scout emails, but scouts are emailing us already. This restriction is just making it harder for us to communicate.

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