Unable to send emails to scouts

The scouts in the troop were sent invitations to join Scoutbook from their parents. However, when a leader goes to the Messages homepage, there are only two scouts that are available to send emails to.

The problem is that we know there are more scouts in our troop that did activate their Scoutbook account. Is there a reason why our scout emailing list is not showing up with more scouts?

Is the leader (the one trying to send the messages) connected to all of the Scouts with View Profile or higher permissions?

The leader does have view profile and higher permissions for all scouts in the troop. As a Troop admin myself, I was also able to see that only two scouts could be sent emails.

Scott - if the Scout’s are not listed in messaging then they have not accepted the invite sent by their parents.

Hello @Stephen_Hornak

As I mentioned in my original post, I do understand that the parents need to invite the scouts.

However, we are aware that there are scouts in the troop that DID accept the invite, but they are not showing up on the list of scouts that are available to send emails to.

Scott - gotcha… the key is for them to have actually logged in. I seem to recall that if they just click on the accept invite that will not add them.

Urk. That seems like an issue.

Although our youth are more likely to actually log in than our parents, it seems like the behavior should be that accepting the invitation automatically adds the account to the email system, since an email address is required for an account. Does anybody know if there is a reason not to do so?

Yeah. but to be honest… that is my recollection on how the youth add went and now specifically with the password requirements in place they would most likely have to go through that to complete the process. Sounds like a job for SUAC to confirm.

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@Stephen_Hornak - Okay, I will make sure to tell the scouts to make an account, not just accept the invite.

But I do know for certain that one scout did create his account. He logs into the Scoutbook app (the red one from the App Store) to track his advancements and such. However, he is not one of the 2 scouts that is listed under the email list. Did he miss a step when setting up his account?

Scott - for the scout who uses the scouting app, can he log into scoutbook? As can be noted there are several moving parts to this machine. I can certainly offer a remote session to set another group of eyes on it.

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They don’t need to create an account. Just log in.

@Stephen_Hornak & @jacobfetzer

Thank you for your suggestions to help fix the problem. I had the scout log in on scoutbook.com using an internet browser. After he did that, his name did appear under the scout’s email list.

Thank you again for all for your help!