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Email messages are not being sent

I have sent several messages that are not being received. It started earlier today when it took over an hour to receive a sent message. This evening they are not being received at all…

I am having same issues, just created a post for same issues

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I am facing the same issue when sending messages to my pack.

Same here… Le sigh…

Are we all on Gmail, or is this impacting more than one mail service? It would be nice to be able to rule out provider side issues (e.g. blacklisting).

Ok I did a test email to myself since my account is s Comcast email and as yet it has not been received.

I have reported this to the BSA.

Seeing same behavior I have outlook.com and wife has cox.net. I sent about 6 invite reminders and 2 messages. Nothing has come through.

i sent them 3 hrs ago. Nothing

My wife just got one of the emails and my account got one, they are trickling in. About 3 hrs later.

It was a long delay (4 hours?) but I got mine.

It looks like it is resolved now.

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Looks like the problem is back again as of Sunday night. Emails and notifications are not going out

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